To Credit or not to Credit

OfficeOver the past couple of years, I’ve been increasingly thinking about credit and people not getting their dues. If a person does something, a task, a job, a bit extra, shouldn’t they immediately be credited for it? Or should we all be thinking about the ‘big picture’?

It’s been playing on my mind because I used to focus on the big picture before. At work, most people have one united goal and we are usually ready to do everything in our power to accomplish that goal. Even if it means giving up our evenings and our weekends, we are willing to do it because we have a mission. It supersedes everything, especially our lives.

But over time, the mission becomes less important. Or rather, we realise that the mission isn’t more important than we are. And that realisation comes to us partly because of credit, or the lack thereof.

There is a dichotomy in workplaces, and in the world in general, where certain people seem to work longer and harder and others don’t. This has obviously created numerous barriers between people but what really messes things up is when the hard-workers don’t get the credit they deserve. Now, this is true in all walks of life but I’m choosing to concentrate on the workplace as it is most common.

Who does the credit usually go to? The squeaky wheels. The ones who tell people what they’ve done, usually at the expense of the people who have actually done it. One is amazed at people’s abilities to change ‘we did such-and-such’ to ‘I did such-and-such’. Just a few alphabets but so powerful. And to the really high levels of management who have little time, that’s all the information they ever need.

So, what are we meant to do about this? Are some of us doomed to slave away while others make off with the credit? Or do we make a noise every time we do something, no matter how tiny, so we get some appreciation? Let us know in the comments.



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