Those Tiny Annoyances

Speaker in windowWe’ve all been there; it’s been a long day, you can’t wait to have a shower, curl up with a book/ TV show and fall into blissful sleep. So, you step into the shower, find a good radio station and fiddle with the taps till you’ve got the water to the right temperature.

And just as you feel that warm water ease the tension out of your stiff shoulders, a song comes on, that one song that you absolutely despise. The moment that staccato beat begins and that grating voice sings the first words, you feel your skin crawl.

Your hands itch to turn it off, find something better but you’re in the shower. There’s no way that you can stick your arm out without water getting everywhere, and even if you did, you can’t grab your phone with your wet hand. The next five minutes are unendurable. Your entire time in the shower is ruined by this one annoying song.

But, that annoying feeling, it continues well after you’re out of the shower, it permeates the rest of the evening. One stupid song, how could it have such an effect on you?

There is a lot of talk about stress and how the lack of work-life balance has really upped our stress levels. But, it’s not just work, it’s the variety of daily annoyances that builds our stress levels to the point where even one annoying song can ruin your evening.

So, what do we include in the list of daily annoyances? So much; do you have an hour? Let’s start with transportation. If you have a car, the morning drive can be incredibly aggravating. With each passing day, it seems like more and more idiots are taking to the roads. Just staying alive till you reach work is a miracle. Also, what is with radio stations playing more ads than music in the mornings

Many people opt to take public transport, instead. On the metro, however, you find the creme de la creme of inconsiderate people. People who stand in front of metro doors, blocking the path of anyone else going in or out. People who act like the elevator will run away without them. The commuters who think the metro is their drawing room and talk loudly on their phones the entire 15 minutes or 1 hour that you’re journeying to work. And let us not forget those fellow citizens who stay stuck to their seats no matter how many elderly people, women or parents glare in their direction.

There are so many other minor annoyances that add up till you’re at screaming point by end of day. Do you have any others you’d like to share? Do so in the comments.

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