I have always wanted to…

Bucket listHaving a bucket list seems to be in fashion in our day and age. A list of things we really want to do and have always wanted to do. The thing with buckets is that they look to be finite in size but they are limitless in their holding capacity. They hold our dreams and aspirations and quirky thoughts of things we would like to do and people we would like to be.

The problem with our world is, somehow these buckets are separate from our current life and they are encouraged to be so. We live our lives filling the bucket for the day, whenever we can, rather than emptying them, doing the things we want to. Why aren’t we encouraged to work solely through our bucket? Well, because then who would fill the corporate buckets?

I realized I use the words “I have always wanted to…” quite a bit. From ‘I have always wanted to have turquoise hair’ to ‘I wish I could go on a holiday solely for diving’. I have yearned and yearned for me to have enough money, for me to be thin enough to enjoy adventure sports, for me to be with someone so I can enjoy travel. I realized that somehow in our society it is encouraged to be perpetually yearning than to be earnestly fulfilled.

I decided that the one bucket I can take care of is mine. The things I oft repeat, I started taking seriously. So, as I write this blogpost (another thing I always wanted to do), I have brilliant blue-green hair; I have just come back from a holiday in a quiet village in Bali where I spent 3 days solely diving, and I am going to email someone about adopting a cat.

I would rather be spending my time saying “I had always wanted to and I went ahead and did it” than wait for the perfect conditions to arrive. I would rather be a fat scuba diver with scanty blue hair who rocks solo travelling than be the girl who is waiting to be thin, thick haired and coupled for her life to begin. So as I dive into my bucket of “I have always wanted to”, tell me something your bucket holds.



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  1. L says:

    Awesome! That is so superbly positive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Righters says:

      Thank you. I hope this gives you incentive to dive into your bucket! – Delight


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